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Do It Your-Shelf! DIY Carpentry February 7, 2011

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I’m still getting caught up on this fall’s projects. Sometime in September, my household needed more shelf space. Dickensian cheapskate that I am, I utilized child labor to help me lug some logs out of a neighbor’s slash pile and saw them down to specified lengths. I already had some hard wood boards I’d scavenged from a neighbor’s remodeling cast off pile, the same one that built the cat tree. Then, using a basic design my dad suggested, added some ledges to hold shelves and some supports to link the sides together, and a few new, long wood screws from the local hardware store, and voila! A very study and aesthetically pleasing shelf. I used a hand saw, an electric drill, and one seven year old. The seven year old learned basic carpentry skills and used a (child sized) saw for the first time! While she was scared of the saw at first, once she got the hang of it, we worked for hours side by side. Her saw came in a children’s toolkit made in Sweden that we scavenged from a free pile down the street! What a find! She was delighted and surprised that I would “let” her use tools! I was thrilled that she considered sawing branches off logs a privilege. When you urban homestead, everyone wins.


bookcase made of salvaged planks and salvaged screws

kitchen shelf, made from salvaged wood and scavenged branches

kitchen shelf from above


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